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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friendship & Quilting

This quilt is very special. Last year, my Quilt Guild had a "Row Robin" program. We were put onto groups of 6 ladies. Each chose a selection of fabrics that she liked and a theme for her quilt. I chose these Fall calicoes by Moda and my theme was "Heart of the Home". We had to decide on a width for our rows and stitch the first one. I made the row of houses to start.
Then we put all of our fabric and the first row in a bag and swapped. Once a month, the bags would be passed to the next person in the group. Everyone at the meeting (except the person whose quilt it was) got to see all the rows so far. We didn't get to see all the rows for our own quilt until 6 months had passed and the quilts were done. For that meeting, all 6 rows would be set up on a design wall and we would come back in the room and see everything at once. It was amazing the variety of quilts and how beautiful they all were! Here are some of the others I worked on:
I made the flip-flop row on this beach-themed quilt. I used ribbon for the part across the foot and it looked great.
I did the colorwash row on this "Harvest Blessings" quilt. This friend started her row at a retreat we were at together, so I knew what to expect on this one!
This blue and white star quilt got a row of friendship stars from me.
I had fun making leaves for this Halloween quilt.
This Egyptian quilt was a challenge for me, since it's not my usual style. But that was good, because it made me try something I had never done before. I made kaleidoscope blocks from a large-scale print. It is the second row from the top and all 4 kaleidoscopes are from just one fabric.

I just found out that our Guild will be doing another Row Robin this year. I will definitely participate! Now, if I can just get last year's quilted first...

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