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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't You Just Love a Bargain??

Great deals have been finding me lately! First, there was my Quilt Guild's annual potluck and auction. Members donate fabric, books, patterns, and even projects that we no longer want. Everyone bids on the items they want and all the money goes right back to our Guild. I bought several wonderful items, including 2 yards of Liberty of London Tana Lawn for $5 and a machine embroidery CD for pillowcase belles for $3. The thing I am the most excited about, though, is a bag of cut and partially sewn Leaf quilt blocks in Fall colors. Price? Only $5!!
 6 of the blocks are already sewn, but there are about 40 altogether!! The next picture shows all the parts, which I haven't even had time to sort through yet. These are 12" squares, so I'm wondering what size quilt the original owner intended to make? Maybe King size? I'm thinking of sashing the blocks and making 2 twin size quilts from them. 
Then my kids and I went to a yard sale, just around the corner.
Rosie quickly spotted this sewing machine. Katie already has a basic machine, but Rosie didn't have one yet. She wanted to get this one. How could I say no, when the price was...$5?? And it works!! We brought it home to check it out and it works perfectly and even has all its feet and owner's manual! I almost felt bad paying the lady, but she was just glad to get rid of things because they are moving. What's the best sewing deal you've found? Leave a comment, please! I haven't heard from anyone in awhile; are you still reading?? I've noticed that comment forms sometimes don't allow me to post. I'm working on getting an email address for this blog soon. Have a great day!!

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