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Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Awesome Apple Adventure

 We went apple picking yesterday at a local farm. The apples are big and plentiful this year. See how tiny Andy's hands are on one of these giant apples?
 There were also fields of beautiful sunflowers.
In a short time, we picked 3 large bags of apples. Good thing they had wagons to get them to the car!
The reason we picked so many is that my Mom is running a luncheon on Sunday for the aunts, cousins, and cousin's children to meet Andy. Katie and Rosie have been helping her get ready. They made these apple crisp "kits" for favors at the party.
They have a ceramic pie plate, apples, and a mix the girls made for topping. The mix is in a plastic bag inside these pretty fabric bags the girls made. A tag with directions is tied on with a ribbon. Here's a close-up of the pretty tags:
These kits would make nice gifts for teachers, co-workers, or neighbors. Check back tomorrow for the recipe and a picture of the finished crisp.

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