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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vintage Smocked Dress and Embroidered Bib

Remember last month, I showed you the 1939 button-on suit? Well, this little smocked dress and bonnet were part of the same "lot" I bought from a 72 year old man, who said they were his baby clothes.
This dress has light blue smocking and beautiful hand embroidery, which can barely be seen now, it is so faded.
And here's a picture of the embroidery:
I tried to adjust the picture to make it easier to see, but I couldn't do better than this. It is 2 large birds- storks?? with a large flower between them.
This bib is also hand embroidered in light blue and has maintained its color better than the dress:
Here's a close-up of the bib embroidery, a simple heart and floral motif:
The padded stitches are beautifully done. I have a few more items to share from this lot and I am starting Andy's Easter romper, too. I have only traced the pattern and chosen my materials so far. Hoping to get started soon- at least I have plenty of time!

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a precious dress and bib. I love "whitework" done in pastels, and especially old linens. Thanks for sharing this.