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Friday, August 31, 2012

Can Anyone Tell Me About this Fabric??

My kids went back to school this week and I have had very little time to sew. I have just barely begun a dress for my friend's baby and I hope to share it soon. So today, I am hoping you can help me with some information about these fabrics. 
 I got them several years ago and here's what I know:
They are old- maybe from the 1940s? 
The first one is Borden fabric with Elsie the Cow and her family. I have an uncle who worked for Borden, so this one especially interested me.
These are in perfect, uncut, unused condition.
I have about 8 yards of the Borden fabric and 3 yards of the other.
When I have seen fabric like this on ebay, it sells for quite a bit. I am thinking of selling all but a few yards of the Borden fabric. Do you know anything about these fabrics? I looked for them online and couldn't find much. I found a couple of tablecloths made from the Borden fabric, but no one had a big piece unused.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lancaster Loot

While in Pennsylvania, I had a ball stopping at a few fabric stores. I also asked the ladies at one of the shops if there was a good place that the locals shop and they directed me to Good's Store in Ephrata, which was like stepping into the past. They had all sorts of things you can't usually find and lots of clothes items that the Amish and Mennonites would wear. It was really fun!
Here are 
 I found some great flannels! My favorite is the mice floating on parachutes!
 These plaids are great for quilts and were $2.69/yard!
 Cookie monster is for Andy and the other two, I just liked. The orange one reminds me of the Jetsons.
 This is the Robot fabric that I had bought at Walmart and then I used it for Charity Quilts for my Quilt Guild. I thought I could replace it, but all the Walmarts near me were sold out. I was amazed to find it in PA while buying sneakers!
 These are some fun fabrics from Good's. The blue is a soft knit, the top white is a tone on tone, very much like Skip Dent, and the other white is a very soft twill. They are all easy-care poly/cotton and were only $3.59/yard. The one like Skip Dent will be great for boy's shirts.
 I love anything with Vintage Babies, so these had to come home with me!
The purple floral 30s print would be cute for a little girl's dress and I can just see a little boy's sunsuit or jon jon from the turquoise farm print! That's all! I hope to have a chance to do some sewing soon; I have started a baby dress for my friend, but I don't have much progress to show yet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Love Pennsylvania!

We are home again after a great vacation in Pennsylvania. My internet was in and out, so I couldn't post. We started our trip at Sesame Place:
 Then we went to Dutch Wonderland, which was our favorite park! We found that little Andy loves roller coasters!
 Then we had a little chocolate at Chocolate World.
 We had dinner at Bob Evans twice- we love it there, but there aren't any near us at home.
We spent 2 wonderful days in Lancaster County, shopping and admiring its beauty! There were cornfields and soybeans growing everywhere and the farms are beautiful!
Then we spent a day at Hershey Park- we had a nice 1/2 day there before the rain closed us down.
We had a wonderful vacation and I came home with a nice pile of new fabric as my souvenirs. I'll show that tomorrow!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Guess where we are?

We took an impromptu trip to Pennsylvania this week. We will be visiting all our friends at Sesame Place today. Then we are off to Lancaster County and Hershey. I made an embroidered Sesame Street outfit for Andy- I'll try to post tomorrow. Happy Summer Vacation!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bassinet Make Over

I have mentioned recently my friend who is having her first baby in December. Well, Katie and Rosie and I have had a ball finding treasures at yard sales and thrift shops. My friend is on a budget, so she appreciates good bargains. We were very excited to find a beautiful portable Eddie Bauer bassinet at a yard sale for $10.

We made several items for it. I made a sheet from a Classic Pooh flannel. You probably remember the Mini Winnie the Pooh from a few posts ago.

 Rosie made a "taggy" blanket from Pooh and pink fleece.
 Each girl chose a few outfits to send along. We happened to have a few that were Classic Pooh.

 Katie did a great job turning a thrift shop onesie into a newborn sacque by stitching a gown bottom to the top of the onesie. She was lucky to find one with Pooh on it and the flannel matches the crib.

She also sent along 2 other girly Pooh outfits.

 While Rosie was at dance camp, Katie was on a roll sewing. She also made a double-sided flannel blanket to match and...
 a burp cloth from a pink diaper. It is backed with Pooh flannel and has a ducky machine embroidery with the same saying that's on the onesie gown.

I had a great time sewing with the girls and I know my friend will enjoy our creations!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Baby Jane Sun Suit

When I saw the pattern for this sun suit on Etsy, I knew I had to make one. I had no recipient in mind, but it was just so cute, I could not resist! The pattern is Sweet Baby Jane by Sara Norris, at Rufflebunnies. It is a PDF download. I started it before the kids got out of school and I had it nearly done in a couple of hours. It was just waiting for leg elastic and shoulder straps, which took until yesterday for me to get back to. This blog is terrific for encouraging me to complete projects, so that I have something to post!
The two things that attracted me the most to this pattern were the big bow on the front and the ruffles on the bum. I did a shell edge on the ruffles, but next time I think I would just fold the fabric to make it much quicker.
I found the directions very easy to follow and the suit went together quickly. I just need to shorten the shoulder straps- I found them to be quite generous. I highly recommend this cute pattern!
Finally, a little something for the "boy." I did not make this: I found it at the Janie and Jack store. It was too cute to pass up! I think it will be cute for pictures at the beach, if I can convince Andy!