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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy Tea Cozy

 This pretty tea cozy is easy to make as well as practical. It is really just 4 rectangles of fabric stitched together into 2 panels with batting inside and a casing at top and bottom for ribbon. It is reversible, too!
Here's a view of the inside.
Here's what it looks like flattened out.
I have made several of these as presents and I use mine often. It really does keep the tea pot warm much longer and it makes your tea table look so much prettier! You can co-ordinate your fabric with your china to make it really special. I hope you are having a wonderful new year! Back soon with more stitching.

Laugh of the day: Remember we bought a new refrigerator several weeks ago? Well, my son (15) has a quick sense of humor. When he first tried the ice/water dispenser, the ice came flying into his glass and he said, "Help, I'm being ice-ssaulted!"

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Jan said...

Love the tea cozy! I'm thinking of designing a smocked cozy.