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Friday, December 30, 2016

Bye Bye 2016 and a Little Redecorating

I have not blogged all month. Ugg. The addition of a part-time job this year has made my free-time even more rare. It's hard to keep up with everything, but I enjoy working and making extra money. We had a great Christmas and I hope that once I get everything cleaned up, life will settle into a quiet winter rhythm!
Like Harry Potter, Davy and Andy share the smallest bedroom. It has been messy with laundry and legos sprawled over the rug and was still decorated with trucks from Davy's toddler days and a changing table holding Andy's wardrobe.
So, it was time for an update. Several days of folding, sorting, and cleaning and a few new things and their room is more suitable for 6 & 12 year old brothers.
The bunkbed is not new, but Santa brought new bedding for both boys: Davy has Star Wars and Andy has Pokemon. The book baskets on the wall are new. Andy's clothes moved from the babyish changing table to the drawer-steps on the bunk bed.
We bought a new cube organizer to fit under the window. Each boy has a chalkboard bin for small toys, a canvas bin for PJs and a canvas bin for books. Some of their new Lego kits are also shown.
I made the simple blue curtain and a fuzzy blue area rug is not shown.
The boys love their "new" room. Now on to the 10 other rooms that need cleaning- ugg.