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Monday, August 17, 2020

Shell Museum Quilt

This is a quilted wall hanging I made for my Mom for Mother's Day. I previously made her the Oyster Shack Quilt for Mother's Day and it looks great in her kitchen. There are a series of 4 buildings that go together, but I knew I wanted to do the Shell Museum next.

It is made on the embroidery machine in 3 parts and then sewn together and bound. The top part is the roof and lookout tower.

The middle section has the shell museum. I had fun choosing colors for the shells. I used a brown variegated that looks cool. I also like the white sailboat in the window. 

The bottom panel has the most going on. The pie in the window was supposed to be lemon meringue, but I changed it to Key Lime because my Mom makes a scrumptious scratch Key Lime Pie. I remember one summer I accidentally knocked one out of the fridge onto the floor. What a waste of deliciousness. There is a little ice cream shop in walking distance from their house and we like to ride bikes too. My Mom hung this up, but I haven't seen it in person due to Covid Quarantine. It will be fun to see it when we can visit again!!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Baby Pillows

These tiny baby pillows are so sweet! I made them as a gift to go with a newborn photo prop bed. The blue one is a confection of blue Swiss batiste and French lace with a ruffle. 


The smaller white one is a pillowcase style of white batiste with a shadow work embroidery "Baby". The edge is a bit of Swiss  embroidery with pink and blue dots. This was the first one I made, but I thought it might be too small (it would be perfect for American Girl dolls) so I made the larger blue one. These are a fun, quick project and a great way to try a new skill or use up bits of fine trims and fabrics.

Monday, August 10, 2020

More of my Favorite Kitchen Towels


I made 7 more of my favorite hanging kitchen towels last week. I was pleased to use all stash supplies for these. I had a few colors of towels and I was able to match them up with toppers pretty well!

These 2 are for my kitchen. I love the vintage prints! This time I used Kam snaps instead of buttons and buttonholes and it was MUCH quicker and easier. I will definitely do this from now on. I don't have any large buttons on hand, so I was trying to avoid a trip to the store or having to order online.

These 2 are so pretty! I always favor chicken/farm fabrics because of my pet chickens & ducks.

And another farm-themed plus my favorite vintage kitchen print and a towel for a fishing enthursiast! These are such a fun project and so USEFUL! I have given away so many of these to friends. I put up a new one in my kitchen every day and I think my family has finally learned that these are for hands only- not cleaning up messes!