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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sew-along Dress & Leggings

I love how this set turned out! It was so quick and easy to make, too! I never realized how forgiving and quick it is to sew with knits. You can make leggings in 20 minutes- it's crazy!!
The dress was part of a sew-along last week on facebook. The adorable fabrics were purchased in a destash group, except for the lime ribbing. I didn't have any, so I used a tank top from Walmart!
When I made the neckband as called for, the piece was way too long and therefore, wavy. I can't stand wavy ribbing. so I carefully removed and re-did it. I like it much better now!
Here is the back of the leggings with the cute bum circle.
The front is just plain. This set is a 12 months size.
Look at the awesomeness of the cover-stitched hem!! It looks so professional!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Treasure Pocket Dino T & Spock Coolness

This cool shirt was a fun sew. There was a sew-along at Huckleberries Fabrics on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to do it, but didn't have any knits. I found this cute dino fabric at Joann's. It looks rather "Jurassic Park"-ish to me. The fun thing about this pattern from Duck Butt Designs is, obviously, the treasure pocket! It is large and can hold all sorts of little boy or girl treasures.
It looks like it might be hard to sew, but it wasn't at all. I made faux double sleeves by folding a hem on the top sleeve  and using the coverstitch machine to stitch it to the green undersleeve. I love the look. I am having fun using my serger and cover-stitch!
I also made a t-shirt for Mr. Mommy's Apron Strings. He is a Star Trek and Star Wars fan. I found this Spock panel and stripe co-ordinate online.
I thought I was very clever to move the side seam to the front so that it wrapped around to the panel and didn't have a side seam under the arm. This made matching the stripes unnecessary! Hubby hasn't worn it yet, but I hope he will when it gets above 21 degrees again!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Like to Party...

Yes, this is my idea of a party!! I have never been one to go out much. My favorite place to be is at home with my family. I thought this design from Urban Threads was perfect for my kitchen! I found a set of light gray quality kitchen towels at Home Goods and I picked them up to embroider. These are great, because you know white won't last 10 minutes at my house! The colors are rainbow, but the purple "CRAFT" looks a lot like the blue "stay home." Of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of kitchen towels I have embroidered in the past 5 years, these are the first ones I made for myself- whoa!!
Here is the second one I did. I have one left to do for my Mom, since her kitchen is gray. I have used this toile log cabin design several times and it is always a winner! I like to do a bunch of embroidery projects at once when I set up the embroidery unit. I did one other project, which is a personalized jacket for a friend's birthday. (It's in the wash). Maybe I'll do a few Valentine's Day designs tomorrow before I switch the machine back. I've also been putting my serger to good use, so I'll share more knit projects soon!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loony for Loones! Silly for Sergers!

So, I haven't posted in awhile. We had a great, relaxing Christmas and vacation. It is always nice to get back in a routine, though, and having 50-60 degree weather in January makes it even better!!

So, I have just had so much fun with the Maxaloones pattern by Max & Meena. It makes the cutest little leggings. I found these fabrics at Joann's for very little money. The stripe was a remnant, so I think I got 1 1/2 yards for $4. I just bought a little piece of the ruffle fabric. I've always wanted to make something from it.

These are the size 2 or Monsterloones size, meant for ages 2-5 years. I might send them off to my god-daughter Ella if I can find a cute top to go with them.

And here is the front view. I think a t-shirt in hot pink or navy would look good.

Why the sudden interest in sewing with knits? I know you woke up this morning with a burning desire to know why Lisa at MAS is making so many knit items lately, right??

Well, it's because of my awesome Christmas gift.

Yup, I got a new serger!! It is a model just like the popular Brother 1034D, but this one comes with some extra feet. I was able to thread it on the second try!! Next time I will share my new sewing machine set-up. It's pretty cool!!