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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Patriotic Wall hanging Part 2

If you saw yesterday's post, you know that I bought special border fabric planning to make a quilted wall hanging for my parents. The first try ended up not working with this border, so I had to start over. This little neighborhood struck my fancy because it looks much like the "village" near my parents' house. My original try was too bright. so this time I pulled out my cranberries, navy, and creams. The navy blue star fabric was the binding on both quilts and worked perfectly with my idea to make a flag.
I saw many flag blocks in different shapes with various numbers of stripes. But my mathematical brain needed it to be the proportions of a real US flag. I googled and found a flag "calculator" where I could put in the width and it would tell me the dimensions of the stripes and blue star part. After piecing the flag, I was going to add the border on top and bottom. BUT...it seemed like too much. I thought about embroidering a phrase across the flag, but my daughter suggested it as a top border. BUT...what phrase to use? I googled again and decided I liked "Land That I Love" because the neighborhood is the land that my parents love and it is from "God Bless America" which seems very appropriate to 2020.
So, I embroidered it on my 14" hoop!! Then I got it all together and stipple quilted it. My Mom and Dad love it and already hung it on their dining room wall. I will be happy when we can see them in person again, but for now I have seen a picture of it hanging.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Patriotic Wall Hanging

I found some beautiful border fabric on Etsy that was perfect to make my parents a July 4 wallhanging. I bought it and planned to make a red, white, and blue center surrounded by the patriotic border print. So, I spent way too much time looking for a good center. I finally decided that the Swoon block would be perfect, measuring 28" square and having enough pieces to be interesting, but not overwhelming to make.
So, since we are still quarantined, I looked through my vast supply of fabrics and found that I don't buy solids or textures. I just barely squeaked by cutting these pieces from scraps! What was cool was that these fabrics have many motifs that remind me of our 4th of July celebrations: fireworks, music, blueberries, stars, lighthouses, crabs, more stars, etc. So I finished the block and I loved it, but it didn't "go" with the border print at all. The colors were brighter in the Swoon block than on the border (more cranberry, navy, and cream). So, I finished this one for ME and hung it in my front foyer. I love it and it gets me 1 holiday closer to my goal of having a seasonal wall-hanging for each holiday of the year. I am now at 2!! July 4 and Halloween. Perhaps if quarantine lasts long enough, I will finish a few more holidays!
Tomorrow I will post the quilt I did make for my parents!!