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Thursday, April 2, 2020

There's no place like home...

These are certainly unprecedented times, with Covid-19, quarantine, and distance learning. My little boy's teacher has done a wonderful job planning and executing the lessons for his class. She loves the Wizard of Oz: both the book and the movie. At the beginning of the year, she read the book to his class. He is my fifth child to have this teacher for 4th grade and we have loved her every time!!

We thought it would be fun to send her a care package. When I saw this free design from Drop Dead Threads, I knew it was PERFECT. It's sort of a pun, too. My son insisted that the slippers must be silver, as they are in the book. We sent this to his teacher along with some Friendship Bread Starter - maybe that will be my next post. She loved it and sent us a picture of it hanging on her oven. The towel is my favorite style: the Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Essentials- it is huge, thirsty, soft, and has a flat front for embroidery with terry back.