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Friday, July 15, 2011

Vintage Redwork Children Done!

Little boy Gardening
 I finished the redwork blocks for my 30s quilt. These all stitched really well. I used just one layer of Pellon Wash 'n Gone in my 6x10 hoop. If you want the link to these wonderful freebies, check my previous post.
The simple quilt I plan to do only needs 5 redwork blocks. I originally stitched my 5 favorites (though it was hard to choose just 5; all 8 are adorable!). When I showed them to my Mom the other day, Katie said, "Mom, why did you make 3 girls and 2 boys?" DUH. I immediately realized that I should have made 3 boys and 2 girls, just like our family!! So, I stitched one more little boy and now I have an extra girl for a pillow or something! I have already cut my strips for the pieced blocks, so if I have some free time this weekend, I may be back with a finished quilt top.
Keep going to see all 6 blocks, below:

This little sewing girl is so cute. Those polka-dots were a jump-stitch trimming challenge!

This little girl reminds me of Ramona!

When I was little, I loved fishing with my Dad, even though I am a girl!


Jan said...

These blocks are just too darn cute!

Donna said...

Please tell me clearly how to find and download these adorable redwork children patterns. My Quilt Guild loves embroidery projects among the qults. I hope you can reply to my request. Thanks.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Donna, I don't know if you are under the impression that these were done by hand? I stitched them on my Viking D1 embroidery unit. I downloaded them from Sew Forum. Here is a link. http://www.sewforum.com/search.php?keywords=&terms=all&author=rmichap+&fid[]=16&sc=1&sf=firstpost&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search
You have to be a member of Sew Forum (free) to download designs. Please write again if you have more questions. Thanks!

Annie said...

I'm really disappointed. I thought that the redwork designs you had done were stitched by hand and that I could get the designs just by clicking on the first link you provided. I like doing hand embroidery and would have enjoyed doing these blocks.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Geez, Annie, sorry to disappoint you. There's not much I can do about them being machine not hand. I guess it's a tribute to how well these stitched out that they fooled you. If you could find the original artwork, you could do them by hand, but you'd have to contact the digitizer on Sew Forum to ask.

Martha Murphy said...

These are very nicely done! I like all the detail. It will make a beautiful quilt!

Unknown said...

I'm trying to find the download link for the red work children from a post in mid July of 2011. Can't seem to find them. They are so sweet. Appreciate any help

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Paula, I tried the link and it doesn't work anymore. I don't know how else to find these- they have probably been removed by the original poster. Sorry I couldn't help.