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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Toile Towels for the Win!

This "Kathy's Kitchen" design has a little story. My Mom requested a winter embroidery on a kitchen towel for a friend. She wanted me to add "Kathy's Kitchen." I did it on one of my favorite white Williams-Sonoma towels and the recipient, Kathy, loved it. She loved it so much that she wrote me a lovely note stating that it was too nice to use and she was going to frame it for her kitchen. Well, I don't use these to wipe up spaghetti sauce, but "framing!!" Wow- quite a compliment. Anyone who writes a nice note deserves something good, so I stitched the design again on this taupe linen. I know she will love it and maybe she can actually use the towel now!! (I hadn't removed the basting box in this picture)

I used another of my favorite Williams Sonoma towels, this time in navy, for my sister. These toile designs are favorites year after year. They are also so nice to stitch because they are ALL ONE COLOR!! I think my sister will love this because it will remind her of winter where she grew up. She now lives in the south where she never gets snow. This one is on its way now.

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