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Friday, November 30, 2018

More Christmas Embroidered Towels!

My Dream machine has hardly stopped this week. I have been digitizing several Christmas designs for my shop and testing them, as well as filling some orders for kitchen towels and making others just for fun!

Katie picked the color scheme for this one. Cranberry on a gray towel. I love how cozy this scene is!

This one is beautiful! It is a very tall design and fits perfectly on a folded towel. This one is over 26,000 stitches. I had a spool of gold Sulky thread I thought would be pretty and it is- but it ran out with 112 stitches left. Can you spot where I finished it with a different gold?

This one is a very quick, light design. The red and green make it feel very festive to me. Wouldn't you like to spend a couple of days  in that cabin sewing and baking cookies with your loved ones??

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