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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vintage Lindsay Maid Boy's Suit

I recently purchased this darling vintage boy's suit. It is probably from the 1930s. The smocking is beautifully done.
The trim stitching is all done by hand, but the construction appears to be on the machine.
Isn't that collar precious? Very simple,  but lovely.
This is the tag. It was made in Scotland for Henry Morgan & Co. Apparently, Henry Morgan was a Scot who opened a very successful store in Montreal in 1845. They expanded to other locations in the 1950s and were bought by the Hudson's Bay Co, in 1960. This doesn't really help dating this suit, does it?
I am not sure what size 16 is either, but I'll bet some of my UK friends on facebook will know.
Here is the hang-tag. The only thing missing is the "button insurance" that was originally in the little window. Don't you love that? Button Insurance!!
Here's a view of the back. I love the bubble button-on pants. This suit is in perfect condition, apparently never having been worn.

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