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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vintage Embroideries for a Project

I am getting ready for a special project later this week, so I had to stitch 5 of my vintage embroideries today. I used DMC cotton 50 wt thread because these will be part of a quilt and I didn't want to use rayon or poly thread.
Baby Bear has a navy blue spoon because I didn't have gray. I only have about 15 colors in the cotton thread.
This doggy is always a favorite! The only good "animal" color I had was the brown, so I had to get creative...
Blue lambs are a thing, right?
I know baby ducks are yellow! I just love this one. It always makes me smile.
My first time doing my "bead doll" in pastels. I like it! This one is not a big seller, but I don't know why because to me it is very "mid century" and cute!
Tomorrow I have to work on the project with these because I need it for Friday, so back soon...

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