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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Cake! and Pie...

This could be a piece of cake for my Birthday today!! But it's not...
It's a part of this quilted wall hanging I made for a friend. She has an independent bakery and is in a new premises. I wanted to make a decoration to make the space welcoming. My vision was of someone looking through the window of a bakery and seeing a shelf of treats with the sign on the wall.
The pie is Key Lime and the cake is Carrot Cake. I have tried both of these and the Carrot Cake is absolutely scrumptious! I paper-pieced the cake and pie slices from free patterns online. Paper-piecing is my absolute least favorite quilting technique. I always put the pieces to the wrong side of the stitching line, so when I flip it it's too small. I had to fix that pie a few times! I tried to add dishes under the treats, then quilted a "wood grain" on the table and added a lace tablecloth. You got that, right??
I digitized the logo for machine embroidery. I will say it is "inspired by" her logo.
I wanted it to look like a sign, so I used the frame. The clouds are on the fabric, rather than digitized. I think it came out well. My friend loved it!!

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