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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween Wrap-up

I managed to finish a few projects for Halloween. For Davy, I made this "Humerus" t-shirt. I thought it was more appropriate for sixth grade than the one I made last year, which Andy wore as a re-run.
Yes, Andy was quite happy to remind everyone of his "Dibs on the candy!"
We made different colors of slime in Andy's class. We found spooky potion bottles for the "magic" ingredient- the colors we made matched the bottles- orange, purple, and green. We added googly eyes and it was fun! If you want to make some, here's the recipe:
Mix 1 cup water in to
1 cup Elmer's white glue
then mix in 1 cup liquid starch
(I found it at Walmart)
 and add food coloring.
Stir and work with your hands until it comes together. This is a really fun project!

I used mini cookie cutters to make Fall shapes from the cheese. I bought thick slices of cheddar and Jack cheese at the deli so I had a bigger surface to cut from. 
That night, Darth Vader and a Knight went trick-or-treating. We had a great Halloween!! Now, on to Thanksgiving projects!

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