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Monday, November 23, 2015

Vintage Knit O Graf

Knit O Graf is a pattern company that started in the 1940s. They offered patterns for knitting sweaters with designs knitted in. I couldn't find much about the history of the company, but I found a current listing for them in St. Paul, MN, so they are still in business in some capacity.
Very popular in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, their vintage patterns still fetch a good sum on ebay and etsy.

Isn't this snowman sweater adorable??

Here is a catalog page from the early 50s.

This ad declares "knitting is fun" the Knit O Graf way! I like the Humpty Dumpty pattern. The pixie next to it goes for a lot on ebay, but it isn't my favorite.

Here are some cute baby sweaters, hats, and rompers. I love the little lambs and kittens.

Their patterns weren't just for children, though! Can you imagine knitting hubby a themed golf tie for Christmas? How bout that nice burning cigarette- just what everyone wants hubby wearing! They also offered mittens, socks, hats, etc.
Even Christmas stockings were offered! These are still popular today, since I saw them listed on Ravelry!

I have lots of Thankgiving and Christmas sewing to share with you, but I am "down" with a backache, so I hope to be back to sewing, etc. soon!!

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