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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas Cross-Stitch

This beautiful design is by San Francisco Stitch Co. It is part of their Christmas gifting series, which is just what I intend to do with it. This is an amazing design!! The mistakes in my 2 tries so far are my fault, not a flaw with the design. 

The above was my first try. I used Embird to enlarge the design to fill my 6x10 hoop and I didn't notice that it changed all of the jump stitches to running stitches!! Do you see all the extra stitches running from letter to letter and flake to flake! This could be salvaged if I carefully trim all those away. So, thinking it was part of the design and not my fault, I wrote to SF and they very generously fixed it for me in about 5 minutes- awesome customer service!! So, I did it again (the first picture) and the jumps were fine, but I accidentally forwarded the color in the middle and had to re-do areas twice, which made it look too heavy (on the left flake and some other places) so, my fault again!!

I know the third time will be the charm! I just got busy with other projects. This is stitched on my favorite "faux-linen" from Joann's. It looks like linen, but doesn't wrinkle! I love it on the dark background, which I think makes it look like a snowy night. I used my rayon embroidery threads because I have many colors. However, ideally I would like to do it from cotton thread because I think it would look even better.

I might frame these for my friends, or I could see stitching it onto a throw pillow or making a little quilted border as a wallhanging. Boy, is this faster than hand cross-stitch!! Yahoo!!!

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