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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So Many Projects...

If begun is half done, then I have a lot of things half done! One of my projects is a king size quilt. The pattern is called "Strip Twist"and it uses 2.5" strips. I cut soooo many strips. This roll is what's left over. The picture above is the sample, but mine will be much larger.
 I made 100 blocks of 4-strips.
Next I will square them, cut them diagonally and put them back together!
The darks and lights line up to make the illusion of motion.
This is the beginning of a smock-along I am doing with Adorable Heirlooms. The design is a mystery, so I only know that it will be a full-bodice piece for a dress. My fabric is a soft lawn from Fabric Finders.
This is a tiny Wee Care dress that I am making from a vintage 13" doll pattern. It has lovely details, like pleats under each arm for fullness. I am totally hand-sewing this. It will have ecru entredeux and lace. I like to have stitching to work on when I take my little boys here:
We spend at least 3 days a week at a beach at the lake in our town. We see friends and have cook-outs and everyone has fun!
This is another project I pull out at the lake. It is another vintage smocking transfer. This time it's brown on light blue.
Do you have a bunch of projects going at once or are you disciplined to work on one thing at a time?


amalowany said...

I do work on one project at a time, but I always have a few projects in the brain that are WIP. Either thinking about which fabric to use or buy, which pattern I would like to try next, or even which person will receive the next project. I do spend a lot of time thinking before I ever cut and I'm not sure that it shows in the end.

Just finished a baby gift that used denim from a donated never worn skirt and left over quilt backing fabric with owls on it. Took a while before I settled on the owl fabric and owl machine embroidery pattern that I liked. It is now ready to mail to the lucky little girl.

Joy Candrian said...

Of course I have a bunch of projects going & many that need finishing. Isn't that typical of creative people? You projects are simply lovely.