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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Civil War Days

I attended my first large Civil War event last weekend. I just visited for one day. I thought you'd like to see what went on and some of the beautiful clothing.
Here is where I spent much of the day. The more experienced reenactors have tents and "flys" (the canopy over us). It was not too hot that day, but the shade of the fly was welcome. I sat in the corner and worked on hand-piecing 9-patch squares while chatting with the ladies.
Here is a view of one family's large tent (Mom, Dad, 4 little girls). The fly is to the right. The Mama with the baby packed trunks, food, clothing, bedding, a lovely pram, baby seat, 4 tables, chairs, etc. I don't know how they did it!! Her baby wore a pretty white antique baby dress and cap.
I saw my first battle. These were Union soldiers firing their cannon. You could feel the booms- they were super loud and shook the ground!

 The ladies put much effort into their costuming. They all had proper headwear (I didn't) and even wore the proper under-pinnings, despite the heat.

In the afternoon, we started to get dinner ready.

 It was very good. We had to remember to bring plates, cutlery, glasses. The menu included: roast chicken and ham, 3-bean salad, Boston brown bread, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and peach pie.
After dinner, people visit. This Confederate group had a banjo player and someone playing bones, I think. It sounded really good!

There were animal reenactors, too, including horses and a baby duck! Sometimes chickens attend.

In just a couple of hours of visiting time, I completed 6 quilt blocks, stitched by hand. These are not pressed yet, but I think they look pretty good! Someday I might have enough to sash them into a Civil War Quilt. It was an interesting day!!

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