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Monday, July 14, 2014

Block Bonanza part 3: Funky Faces!

I have enjoyed sharing the Block Bonanza Quilts with you. Today I am featuring Ellen's Funky Faces Quilt! This was the most challenging block I made, but also the most fun.

This first block is just so awesome. The quilt had mostly women's faces (and 2 children), so the last person to make a block made a man. Isn't this block just perfect!!??

I love the curly hair, the mustache, the winking eye!

I'm sure you remember seeing the block I did: Andy's face. Unfortunately after I digitized this, all of my embroidery files disappeared. Poof! I had a back-up disk, but this was too recently done to have been backed up, so I lost it.

Here are all of the blocks together. What a fun wall-hanging this will be!!

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