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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Big Reveal! Chicken Quilt!

I can't believe it has been 9 months since I joined the Block Swap at my Quilt Guild! The way it worked is that a group of 9 ladies each made a quilt block and put it in a pizza box with directions and fabric. You could do anything you wanted and many ladies were quite specific- "I want this pattern made from these fabrics." For mine, I called it the "almost anything goes chicken quilt"- no restrictions on size, fabrics, techniques, etc.- just make it about chickens. Here's the block I started them off with:
I machine embroidered our 3 chickens, Bennie, Shelly, and Blackie on a barn block.
The box traveled from lady to lady each month and they added a block. I never saw it again until this week when I got them all back, but there were always laughs and exclamations at the meetings when my blocks were shown. Everyone really had FUN with this!
This awesome chicken was made by Trish, who made amazing blocks for everyone with tons of tiny pieces. I love the chicken and also note the beautiful pieced background. Her work is perfection!
This pieced rooster by Ellen co-ordinates so well with the chicken! I love the polka dot background and the fabric she used for the "feathers."
This nest is pure awesomeness! I wish you could see in person the tiny strips that are free-motion quilted to make the straw. It looks so real- just like the hay when my chickens smooth is out to lay an egg! This is a technique I never would have thought of/tried, but it is so beautiful for this. This was made by Bette, a lady with a small business where you can go learn to long-arm a quilt with her. I may have to try that sometime!

This gorgeous sunflower was done by my friend Barbara. She makes each leaf and petal separately with a few layers of fabric and stiffener. It is so pretty to look at and goes with my theme so well because my chickens love to eat sunflower seeds!

Marie found a coloring page and re-created it as a quilt block for my quilt. Aren't these little chicks cute? I like to think they represent our 2 new chicks: Golden and Peep!

Good old John Deere! Suzy made this block which I love. My Davy used to be into the John Deere" movies and they had such catchy songs. He also has a little green metal pedal tractor, so this block reminds me of all those things. She said her hubby made her add the chicken to the front!

Patty was a wise-guy and wanted the quilt to have the "fox in the henhouse." Cute, isn't he? I hope he is the only fox my chickens ever have to deal with!!

Here's a sample layout I did on my porch rug (so ignore the brown in back). This morning I made a paper-pieced ear of corn, since that is my chickens' favorite treat! I am still trying different arrangements, but I want to get the top put together before my next meeting.

I took pictures of all the sets of blocks, so I will be doing more posts over the next few days. We had 2 groups with a total of 16 quilt sets, so I have a lot to show you!


Joy Candrian said...

These quilt blocks are fabulous!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks, Joy! I am eager to get it put together to share. Glad you left a comment!!