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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Introducing...Golden and Peep!

Yes, 2 baby chicks joined our family on Friday. They were born on Wednesday, so they are just 4 days old in this picture. You can see how tiny they are compared to Rosie's hands.
These chicks are Ameraucanas. They grow up to be various shades of yellow, gold, and brown, so they will look quite different from the chickens we already have. We chose 2 with different coloration so we could tell them apart. On the left is "Golden" and on the right, "Peep." They like to be held and will fall asleep if you gently pet their heads. They loved being outside in the grass today and stayed right by my side.
They are shorter than the grass!
The reason we chose Ameraucanas this time is that they lay colorful eggs! You don't know what shade of blue, green, pink, or brown they will lay:
 I'm hoping for a blue and a green layer, but we won't know till November!

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