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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilting a FACE

I am participating in a Block Swap at my Quilt Guild. Each month we make a block for another person in the group. This month is a very creative and fun one, but hard, too! We are to make a face! I digitized an appliqued face from a picture of Andy. Then I added some shading with fabric markers.
I still need to finish the edges of the shirt (where it was bigger than my hoop). I think it looks pretty good, but much older than 3 years.
Here's the block made by the person who will get this quilt:
She combined piecing and hand embroidery. Cool, huh?
And the others:

I really like this one. She has a lot of personality!
This one is amazing. It is based on a photo of the creator's grand-daughter. Isn't she pretty?

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