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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's How I Roll...and Another Winner (or two!)

Lots to share this morning. Sewing has been rather slow around here for the past week as I have been car shopping. This is the fifth car I have driven, fourth car I have owned (the one I learned on was my Dad's car). I'm proud to have driven about 400K miles in my driving career with no accidents (and only one ticket- ever!). Anyway, this is the first car I chose totally on my own. My Dad helped me choose my first car and hubby and I chose the next 2 together. This time, I brought an assorment of my kids with me, but since Hubby and Dad were working, I did the work by myself. In 8 days, I looked at about 30 used cars, test drove 6, had 2 double-checked by my own mechanic, and bought one!
I got a 2006 Honda Odyssey, a newer version of the 2000 Odyssey I had. This one has lots of toys and we are enjoying it very much!

I also chose a new winner in the Rabbit Rabbit Give Away, because the first winner never contacted me and I have no way to get in touch with her. Our new winner is:
 Elizabeth blogs at The College Seamstress, so I can contact her. Congrats!!

There's a fun footnote to this story. I just received an email from Jasmin at Rabbit Rabbit that I won a free pattern of my choice in her PIF give away!!


Shaffer Sisters said...

Congrats on the "new" car (I always consider it new as long as it is within 10 years of being made, and pretty new if it is is within 15 year), I hope it works well for your family for years. I hate shopping for cars glad you survived the experience.
With Love,

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Scary! I know- I can't believe how new a 7 year old car can feel. This has magic in it (a DVD player). I took the kids on a long drive today and the car has never been so quiet!