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Thursday, December 20, 2012

 This set of pillowcases was my contribution to our "Secret Santa" swap at my quilt guild. For years, we have done a "Yankee Swap" but invariably people got the wrong gift. I always brought something I spent hours making only to receive something someone bought and didn't want. This year, we decided to do a swap where we would choose a name and make something specifically for that person.
The girl I chose was Susie Williams: she is a really nice lady and I figured her taste is similar to mine. I checked with a friend of hers and found out that her master bedroom is yellow. This thread looks gold in the photos, but is actually a pretty vintage yellow- not too bright.
The monogram is "Vintage W" by Needle Passion Embroidery. This is really my fall-back monogram. I have made it at least 6 times and everyone loves it. I love it, too, because I can count on it stitching perfectly every time and with only one color, it is quick to do! I reduced this one from about 100mm tall to 66mm tall, so it would better fit on the pillowcase hem. I am slowly collecting this alphabet a letter at a time. Since it is $3.50/letter, I buy them only as I need them. I hope that the next time I stitch this monogram, it will be for hubby and me!!

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asploded said...

These look lovely, what a great alphabet! I'm sure the recipient loved them.