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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pretty Smocked Baby Gown

I smocked this little baby gown for Wee Care. It has been a work in progress for awhile. Like so many of my projects, it just needs a hem and fastenings.
It is white Imperial batiste. I had always wanted to try this embroidery design, from Vermillion. They have the loveliest cross-stitch designs I have ever seen for machine embroidery. In fact, they also offer charts for hand cross-stitch- but that would take me too long.
The white shadow is the stabilizer I need to wash out. This design is actually 1/2 of the original, which is a square of ribbons. Possibly because I cut it in half, it stitched with many jumps and traveling stitches, but I love it anyway!!
I smocked a few simple rows to match the colors in the embroidery and bound the neck and sleeves with bits of yellow cotton gingham left-overs from another dress.


Unknown said...

Lisa, I LOVE this! The use of the gingham in combination with the cross stitch embroidery---all of it combines to make a delightful little gown. I want to make a big girl (4 yo) bishop just like this. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you!!! I would love to see yours when it's done- please email a picture! If you want the embroidery, it is by Vermillion on Embroidery Designs.com I will try to post a link later!

Jeannie B. said...

It was very nice to say hi to you at Saga! Thanks for stopping by.

Elisabeth Rose said...

I was delighted to meet you in person and get your beautiful embroidery book! I hope you will be up north again soon!!