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Monday, December 1, 2014

Vintage Baby Bassinet!

This is a baby basket bassinet that I found at a yard sale for $10 last summer. It was in great condition, but the paint was very yellowed.
I forgot to take a picture before I flipped it for painting, but you can see the line of yellow. Even the cleaner area still wasn't a bright white.
I bought a can of Krylon gloss enamel and gave it one coat with a brush.
It came out really pretty! Bright white and shiny. I hadn't even noticed the diamond weave pattern before I painted it. The hood snaps off, too.
Here's a view of the whole thing. I used it to hold gifts at the Baby Shower I had for my friend a few weeks ago. It was a really pretty decoration.
We have an antique tiny iron crib that is a family heirloom, which will be passed down some day. For my other grands, I will decorate and outfit a different vintage bassinet. I think it will be really fine to make bedding for these someday- I think I have awhile to dream on this project!

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Joy Candrian said...

Lovely restoration of a classic!