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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Shower Prep: Feltie Favors

Well, I've been busy and just haven't taken the time to blog. I have worked on several projects, though!
I am running a baby shower on Saturday. My friend is due with a baby boy on Christmas! I made some onesie and diaper feltie candy holders as a decoration/favor.
I digitized these myself a couple of years ago for another friend's baby shower. They are easy to make, but it still took a few hours to make 21 of them. The onesies stitch 4 at a time and the diapers 3 at a time in the 6x10 hoop.
I used 2 layers of felt, but added a layer of baby-themed cotton over the onesies to make them look prettier.
The diapers are just 2 layers of felt.
They all hold a sweet surprise: Ghirardelli squares or Hershey bars. For the shower, I will hang these with tiny clothespins on my mantle. One candy will have a sticker on it, so whoever chooses it will win a prize.
I promise to blog sooner with the shower favors, a bassinet I painted, and more!

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