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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fingertip Towel "L"

Since we got chickens for pets, I understand a lot of sayings better, like: "why did the chickens cross the road?" "To go visit our neighbors!" "Pecking order" means the biggest, bossiest hen is the "ruler of the roost!" And so I can say, fingertip towels are "rarer than hen's teeth." They just aren't popular anymore. My Mom always makes her bathrooms inviting with a little vase of flowers and a "fingertip" towel to dry your hands. If you've never seen one, they are larger than a washcloth and rectangular like a hand towel, but much smaller.

I bought six white ones on ebay and they are nice. The velour finish is soft and great for machine embroidery. These work well for embossed designs, so on my first one, I did an embossed seahorse in white on white. It looked great, but I gave it away without taking a picture.

The second one is this "L" from a new embossed alphabet at Designs by Juju. It was on sale for $4 when I bought it.

I have 4 more to experiment on. I would like to find a source for these in colors. Do any of you use fingertip towels??

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ShirleyC said...

Lovely towel! I love decorating towels, hand towels, and kitchen towels. It really adds a little personal touch to the decor.