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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilting "Bee" Keychains

I hosted the first meeting of a quilting bee at my house yesterday. It is a group of 6 ladies from my Quilt Guild. We wanted to have a monthly group where we could sit, stitch, snack, and chat. I wanted to make the first meeting really special, so I organized a tea party with some of my favorite tea foods and my vintage luncheon sets. I forgot to take a picture- oh, no!
I also wanted to make a little favor for each lady. I looked at a lot of in-the-hoop projects, but I went back to one I have made before and liked: Embroidery Garden's Candy Bar Holder Key Rings.
These are usually made of felt and the design comes with a lot of options. I added one layer of bee fabric over the top piece of felt because I really wanted a "bee" theme. I also changed the usual eyelet for key fob hardware. This was not because I thought it was better, but because my store was sold out of eyelets and I was doing this at the eleventh hour as usual!
These key rings hold a sweet surprise: an emergency mini Hershey bar. What sewist doesn't need that in her toolkit?
But the best part is, after you succumb to temptation, you can use the holder for a few folded bills instead.
I was able to fit 3 of these in my large hoop, so making six was quick work. Hubby plied the key fobs on. The quilting bee ladies loved them! This is a design you definitely need if you do machine embroidery!!

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