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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Davy's Christmas Party Capers

Today we had a Christmas party for Davy and several Kindergarten friends. I planned several easy craft projects that the kids could make as gifts for their family members, as well as lunch and a holiday movie.
 Each child made a star ornament which they decorated and we added a wallet-size school picture in the middle.
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 They each frosted a decorated and tree-shaped cake. I baked them ahead in these disposable pans that I found at Walmart. I gave each child some green frosting and a plate with candies to use for decorations. They had fun with this project and only one kid ate the candies instead of decorating with them!
 I knew Andy's empty baby food jars would come in handy sometime! We gave each child some Epsom salt in a paper cup. They added their choice of food coloring and a spritz of Chantilly perfume and stirred it to make bath salts for their Mom.  The kids wanted the colors really bright, so we had pink, yellow, green, and blue salts. We topped the jars with a circle of fabric.
 I had a bunch of small glass vases in my "stash" from various other projects. I also had some smooth pebbles. I just had to purchase one more vase ($1 at Walmart) and some additional green pebbles and some paperwhite narcissi bulbs. The kids put some pebbles in the vase, added the bulb, and more pebbles to support it. We wrapped them in cellophane with a bow (see the top picture).
 One of the foods at lunch was these little pretzel/chocolate bites. They were a big hit as evidenced by the fact that when Hubby arrived with Andy at the end of nap, they were all gone! To make these, you need the pretzels that look like a tic tac toe board. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and top each one with an unwrapped Hershey kiss. Bake for 5 minutes in a 200 degree oven (the microwave does not work for this). When they come out of the oven, immediately top each one with an M&M. Push it down to make the kiss a nice round shape. Refrigerate till firm. These would be great for a class party, work, Guild meeting, etc.

The other foods were at Davy's request: pizza, chicken nuggets, pigs in a blanket, cheese & crackers, grapes, veggies & dip, and eggnog and cider to drink. We also made homemade gingerbread men and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture!
I hope this gives you some ideas for some easy, fun kids' crafts to do yourself!
I'm hoping to make Andy's overalls tomorrow, but we have a sickness going through the house, so we'll see. I'll be back on Monday with another "Memory of Christmas Present", linking with Laurie at Southern Stitches. As always, I love to read your comments...so please leave one!

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